Top 10 SEO Companies in India: A Complete and Detailed Review in 2022 (2023)

In this section, we will analyze and shortlist the Top SEO companies that we have, and what services they offer. But before that let us understand what is SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the first action any business has to align when they start in Digital Marketing. Having a business website or a showcase portfolio is obligatory. Though developing a good site is only the start. Getting good visibility and generating traffic is only possible via a handful of methods.

One of the ways (and possibly the most important one) is submitting your website to the Search Engines. People have been using Search Engines(Google) for more than two decades now. Thus optimizing your website or Search Engine Optimization is key. You have to follow protocols as directed by the Search Engine and beat the competition simultaneously.

Thus, it is clear that getting good visibility through Search Engines is paramount. This showcases We will Showcase some facts and figures which will tell you the degree to which Search Engine Optimization can change the face of your business.

  • In 2021, The global traffic share was divided between all the Search engines in the following order: Google(70%), Baidu(13%), Bing(12%), and Yahoo(2%). [Net Market Share]
  • Google Search, Maps, and Image Search account for more than 91% of traffic [SparkToro]
  • Compared to other Digital Marketing channels, customer acquisition costs through SEO can be less than 87% percent. [Terakeet]
  • Second-page results of Google on average only get 0.78% of the total traffic. [Backlinko]

This is the reason why SEO is important and hiring one of the top SEO companies can take your business to the next level.

Why Hiring the Top SEO Experts is important?

SEO is a game of strategies and tactics. It is a waiting game that comprises rigorous hard work. Chopping and changing are part & parcel. Analysis has to be done on daily basis. You cannot leave any stone unturned. You have to look toward your competitors. Identify where they are lacking and then take advantage of their shortcomings. So you get a gist now of why hiring the best SEO company can help you and your business.

SEO takes time. You will not get results readily however, once you start getting SEO traffic, rarely, you would need to spend a high amount for Paid Ads. You can also register yourself to display paid Ads and create an alternate source of income. Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. How to choose the best for your business out of all the top SEO companies that you see or search for on Google. We have compiled a list of all the companies with their specifications, a list of the projects, their ratings across different channels, how long they have been in the business, and their market pedigree. So, without further ado let’s start:

For the information, we have used sites such as Clutch, and LinkedIn among others. We will be ranking the companies on their reviews, ratings, company history, and finally the clientele that they have.

Top SEO companies in India

The first one is:

SEO Discovery

Hourly Rate- <$25/hr


First on our list is the heavyweight of SEO that hails from the north of India, SEO Discovery is the industry leader. Founded in 2007, they have been going from strength to strength. If you are looking for organic growth coupled with an injection of paid Ads to grow your business look no further than SEO Discovery. They are one of the top SEO companies and they have the case studies to prove this.

Their main strength is that they have expertise in any type of SEO, including local and national or international. Their intrusive strategies and understanding of the client’s needs are second to none.

Clientele and Services

Although they focus both on organic and paid Ads, they can give you the desired results only with the organic efforts. They have a huge allocation of businesses that are small and local. The reason small businesses have chosen SEO Discovery is because of their excellent client relations services and their ability to work within tight budget strings. Still, big businesses and E-commerce businesses have also hired them for SEO services. They are equipped with a highly technical team of developers, designers, SEO & paid Ad specialist. They have been a trusted name in the market for a long time.

In addition to that, the most notable thing is the variety of clientele that they have. Their versatility and entering into any niche and taking up any types of clients and obviously delivering the results is the best promise you can get.

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SEO Experts India

Hourly rate: <$25/hr


Located in Chandigarh, India SEO Experts are trusted, driven, and focused on organic searches and results. However, they are also focused on Pay Per Click services. That means they are fully equipped to handle all the Search Engine marketing needs. They are one of the best companies hailing from North India and have a proven track record.

Clientele and Services

Their primary focus has always been on eCommerce sites. Over 10% of their Clients do a business over $1bn. However, local SEO is also their priority as 20% of their services are directed towards local searches. However, the ratings they have got across various platforms are remarkable. This makes them one of the pioneers of the SEO industry currently. As their operations are currently focused 100% on the Search Engine Marketing, the following are the ratings that we would like to give to SEO Experts:

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Hourly rate- $25-$49/hr


If you are looking for premium SEO services from industry-leading experts then Uplers is the place to be. Hailing from the west of India Uplers has upped their game quite a notch. With a tendency of striking high growth for their clients. Uplers has been the bosses of Digital services. SEO is one of the services that they offer. Nevertheless, due to the quality that they offer their SEO services are one of the best.

Clientele and Services

They do have a sophisticated system that allows them to use any service that you want. As we discussed before, Uplers provide a host of services including SEO, PPC, and Web Development. So, you can get a package from them. This also means that the services are a bit on the expensive side. They have rather diverse clients from various industries. The only drawback which we see while working with Uplers is cost. If money is no problem for your business we would suggest Uplers. With Uplers you are getting one of the top SEO companies in India

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ThatWare LLP


Based in Howrah, West Bengal in East India ThatWare LLP has revolutionized the SEO service industry. They claim that their SEO services are backed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. They are relatively new as they were founded in 2018. They are using Data Science to its utmost. They use all the data from the market and base your whole strategy around it. They claim to have developed an algorithm that analyzes your competitor, your site, and Google’s rankbrain algorithm.

Clientele and Services

They are a 100% SEO-focused organization. Large Businesses have caught a whiff of ThatWare LLP and identified them as one of the best SEO company as their allocation of “large business” is 20%. They have a diverse set of clients as their proclaimed algorithm works and gives them concise results.

Top 10 SEO Companies in India: A Complete and Detailed Review in 2022 (4)



IndeedSEO is one of the top & affordable SEO experts in India. They were founded in 2012 and have grown from strength to strength. Their services include content writing, SEO, Client relationship, and Social Media Marketing. They have made a name for themselves because of the services they provide. They have developed a huge client base and this is a testimonial to their growth. This makes IndeedSEO the top-rated SEO company in India

Clientele and Services

As we mentioned before they offer an assortment of services. Regardless, SEO is their primary service and the niche through which they made a name for themselves. They offer the best SEO services that you can get. A notable thing about their SEO practices is that they do not rely on traditional SEO services. They use a variety of tactics and strategies including content marketing, mobile optimization, and reputation management.

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SEO Valley Solutions

Hourly Rate- <$25/hr


SEO Valley might be one of the oldest players in the SEO game. They started in 2000 from Bhopal, however now they have offices in Bangalore and 5 countries. They have sustained its growth for over 20+ years. SEO Valley is one of the best SEO consultants in India and they have a whole list of awards to showcase that.

Clientele and Services

90% of their services are SEO-focused. Their experience means that they have seen all the SEO trends and monitored them closely. However, they are still a mid-range company. Thus their major focus is on small businesses that require SEO. Their experience cannot be discredited. The diversity of their clients is still unavailable but if you are looking for the Top SEO experts “SEO Valley” might be your go-to place.

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Now let’s move to the capital city and get familiar with PageTraffic. As you might’ve got an idea with their name they help you get traffic. But, their name isn’t the only catchy thing about them. They have built a huge reputation for themselves as one of the top SEO companies in India.

Clientele and Services

SEO makes up 50% of their total operations. However, they have a wide range of clients. From B2B to E-commerce, they cover a wide range of clients. They focus largely on small and mid-market clients. Their PPC campaigns are also diverse as they focus on several platforms including Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo. Their SEO strategy focuses equally on On-Page, Link earning, and Content Creation.

Top 10 SEO Companies in India: A Complete and Detailed Review in 2022 (7)


Hourly Rate- $25-49/hr


EvenDigit offers premium services to their clients. It offers a fully-fledged service of SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Paid Ads. Though SEO isn’t the only thing that they do but their sophisticated set of services means that they can help you rank better than most of the SEO experts in the market.

Clientele and Services

Unsurprisingly, SEO only consists of one-third of their total operations. But it is already given as they cover a whole lot of Digital Marketing aspects. They also focus on videography, and animated videos which can give you a slight edge. All in all, they offer a whole package of services. Cost can be a bit on the higher side but you will not need to hire external services for your marketing campaigns.

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Softtrix Tech Solutions Private Limited


They describe themselves as Internet Marketing services and they are right. They provide 360-degree marketing services. According to their Clutch profile, they have generated over 63 mil dollars in revenue for their clients which is no mean feat. They put themselves out in the market as an all-inclusive Digital Marketing firm

Clientele and Services

Their major focus is Paid Ads. However, they also provide SEO services to businesses that want to grow organically. The majority of their clients are E-commerce businesses which explain their focus on paid Ads. However, their retention rate is good thus taking them to the top of the list of best SEO companies.

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Hourly Rate: $50-$99/hr


Last but not least we have Webomaze. It is a 100% SEO-dedicated company. They have made quite a name for themselves because of the results that they give and especially their capability to work with and assist small businesses. They simply claim that they will assist you to increase website traffic, phone calls and leads, something all small businesses dream of.

Clientele and Services

As we mentioned before they service small businesses. &0% of their businesses are small to mid-range. Also, their client industry base is quite diverse. Their SEO services are exemplary. However, their prices are a bit on the higher side. If you can afford the proposed rates, Webomaze can be your destiny to get the best SEO services.

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As we conclude this, we hope your search for the top SEO companies ends here. We hope that our list helps you in your quest for the best Search Engine Optimization company.


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